welcome to bright noise

I know design and marketing & how the two work together. I strive to create great-looking design that effectively gets the job done.

What I ROCK at

I am passionate about design. My goal is to tell the world, in a cool way, who you are & what you are about. I help companies and startups materialize their ideas.

  • Brand Identity 100%
  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Web Design 80%
  • Traditional Art 70%
  • Storyboarding 100%
  • 2D Animation 80%

Who I am

I have 15 years of experience in the design world. I'm also a real person, just like you and the people you like to deal with. I actually know how to talk to people socially too!


I love what I do, so it makes sense that I love who I work with and for. It's the strangest thing; Clients that see the value in what I do always seem to get the best jaw-dropping results. Hmmmm...

I love technology

I know Adobe CS on Mac or PC (though I love Apple).

Graphic design at its best is intelligence made visual

- Gordon Kaye -


I take you from concept to results. I know how to get you an identity, a brand that people will see and remember. I do this via web & mobile design & branding. Here's some of my work.

Portfolio 1



Portfolio 1

My Graphic Design

print / web / merch / uh...tattoos?

Portfolio 1


Traditional + Digital = Tradigital

Portfolio 1

Video Editing

Sound and video design

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Burton, Michigan


I welcome feedback on any of the art you see here. Want to know more? Email / Text / Call / Comment on Facebook. I will get back to you as soon as I can.